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PE-2 Question & Answer

DPH's PE-2 Piano Pedal Extender

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Q 1: How do I choose a piano pedal extender?

: To choose a pedal extender, there are some important aspects you may need to check out among different brands of pedal extenders, no matter it will be used by a teacher or student. Those are: 1. Action/sensitivity of the pedals; 2. Stability; 3. Adjustable heights, up/down-reaching limits; 4. Set-up/height adjustment; 5. Materials/quality; 6. Convenience.

1. Action/sensitivity  
This is the foremost thing one should find out. We have tested almost all other pedal extenders, and found that none of them can act or be sensitive like the original piano pedals. PE-2 has a patented device that made a breakthrough on it. Teachers are amazed by its great sensitivity. PE-2 can truly replace the original pedal functions by not just acting in full pedal, but also in half, quarter, 3/4 pedals etc.
"The action on the PE-2 is superior to all other pedal extenders we have tried" Michael Lee

2. Stability
"Lack of stability" is a common problem that we have seen from various types of pedal extenders. When you or your students apply the pedals of a extender, push pedals down and release, you may see the whole station rocking, or front of the station lifted up, or even sliding away from the piano pedals.   The main factor to affect the stability is the way to transfer pressure to the original piano pedals.
This refers to the part of extender connecting the piano pedals. The rolling principle on PE-2 (patented) has amazingly solved the problem, while that of others is still the similar old design-flat pads.

3. Adjustable heights, up/down reaching limits
This is another important feature one must look closely. Adjustable heights of a pedal extender are directly related to the age groups of students, or usable years of the extender. The too-high footstool causes posture problem, legs bending upward. An extender goes closer to the ground the better. Because of the body limits, some models stay too high from the ground. Some of those may be only good for students under 6 or 7 years old, and some of those highest ones may only  fit little students at age of 5  or even 4 or 3 years old ( in this case, the function of the model is mainly that of a stool, not a pedal extender). The older or taller students, the need for pedals increases. In comparison with all others, PE-2 reaches the lowest (2.5 in).

4. Set-up/height adjustment
The operation of a fast, easy and precise set-up and height adjustment is essential for studio teaching, performing on stages, removing the extender from one's own piano and setting it up on teacher's, etc. In other words, situations like those require fast and easy operation as well as precision.
1) Most of the models require a screwing and unscrewing job when move to a new height or new piano, with hands operating awkwardly under the platform, which takes minutes to get it done. On PE-2, the "lock-unlock" device requires only one to two seconds complete the job, with only two figures needed doing an easy job on the top of the platform.
2) Height adjuster is directly related to speed for going up/down, and the degree of difficulty or ease of the operation. Most of models are built with a nut-like adjuster. It's hard to turn, and hard to turn fast. PE-2 is built with a handle adjuster. Dynamics tell us that handle-style rotates much faster and easier than nut type.
3) PE-2 reaches precision with micro-adjustment, while some others can be adjusted only few levels of heights.

5. Materials/quality
Better material and better quality make an extender more durable, working smother, and a longer time in use. The main body of PE-2 is built with high strength steel, while some others are made of wood or even synthetic wood. The pedals on PE-2 have similar weight/ thickness as the pedals on the pianos, while some others are too light/thin, making noise.

6. Convenience
PE-2 is easily portable. It can be folded like a small/ thin suitcase or board with a carrying handle. Some box-like models may not be easy to carry around.


Q 2: How soon do I expect to receive my order?


We ship your order as soon as we processed it. Regularly it arrives in 2-7 days with continents USA via UPS Ground (varies from state to state).

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