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                         DPH Piano Pedal Extender PE-2

                                       Invented by Dr. Hu


#1 Brand Recommended by Teachers Around The World

The Most Professional Model for Both Students & Teachers


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                                          Worry-free! Risk-free!!
             90 Day Return/Full Refund Policy, Plus Two-Year Manufacture Warranty

                                BEST PIANO PEDAL EXTENDER GUARANTEE!


for an authentic & delicate
piano pedal performance



for both students & teachers
for daily practice & on-stage performances




-- Set up/remove in just SECONDS


-- High responsive/smooth Touch system


-- Noise resistant


-- Slipping/tipping-over resistant


-- Wide adjustable range and precise positioning


-- Strong/durable


-- Portable-fold it and carry it

'' ...good news for the piano world."
                  Rosita Mang

"...I've heard great things about your Pedal Extender."
                Claudia Libero

"Thanks for your invention! My students love it....They need it so much."
               Anna Micik

"Dr. Ping,
Just wanted to let you know how much I (and my littlest students) are enjoying your pedal extender. They no longer have to sit in a terrible position to use the pedal. Not only is it good for the pedaling, but they are able to place their feet on the platform and sit properly at the piano. No more dangling feet!"
             Marie Koneczny


                        PE-2 at White House and on stage


Emily Bear, internationally acclaimed young pianist and composer. See her stunning performances on YouTube or www.emilybear.com


~ To place order, click the image above to our online store at Square. ~

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