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Summer Camp 2017

Schedule of sessions:


Starting June 26. 2017


4425 Brookfield Corporate Dr. Suite 700, Chantilly, VA 20151


Schedule of sessions:

Two weeks per session, two sessions in total: Session #1, 06/26 – 07/07 (07/04 excluded); Session #2, 07/10 – 07/21. All weekends are excluded. Parents can choose one session or both sessions for your kids accordingly. Please see detailed information and registration forms below (notice: the information of Weina Dance camp is not included here).


Types of Camps:

In the same session (time frame), we offer two types of camps:

  1. Piano + Musical Theater, with option of dance class (es).
  2. Musical Theater + Dance, with option of music class (es).

Class Structure:

Piano + Music Theater Camp: Piano Technique, Music Reading Skill & Ear Training, Music Appreciation; Singing (including basic voice training, and Broadway, Disney, and pop songs), and acting/drama; And an optional dance class (Hip Hop and/or Jazz).

Musical Theater + Dance Camp:  Singing (including basic voice training, and Broadway, Disney, and pop songs), and acting/drama; Hip Hop, Jazz, dance basic or Ballet skill; and an optional music class (Music Appreciation and/or Earing training).


Ping Hu (Doctor of Musical Arts), Weina Chen (B. A. in Dance), Ashley Hoffman (B. A. in Musical Theatre), Nicole Moore (B. A. in Dance), Breanna Brown (dance, NBA official dancer).


Camp Hours:

              Drop-off: 8:30a.m. - 9:00a.m.

              Program activities: 9:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

              Extended Care: 5:00p.m.-6:30p.m.   It’s free!


  1. Phones: 240-418-5038  (Dr. Hu)
  2. Email: doctorhu@dphmusicarts.com (Dr. Hu)
  3. Fill out the Registration Form, and return it to us.




Standard rate:   $55.00 per day. Session #1(9 days): $495.00; Session #2(10 days): $550.00.



  1. Early Registration Discount: Register before/on 04/30/2017: $50.00 off.
  2. Register for 2 sessions (4 weeks, same or different camps, including Weina Dance camp, in the center): $40.00/day for 2nd session. Save $15.00 per day.
  3. Sibling Discount:    5% per student.



Half-day rate: $30.00 per day, eligible for $25.00 early registration discount.

Half-session (one week) rate: $300.00, eligible for $25.00 early registration discount.


Payment Methods:

  1. Make check payable to: DPH Music & Arts
  2. Credit cards: Call (240)418-5038. We accept Visa, Master, and Discover Card.     

Send the form (and check) to:  

DPH Music & Arts, 4425 Brookfield Corporate Dr. Suite 700, Chantilly, VA 20151                    

DPH Summer Camp 2017
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