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Our Program

DPH's Music and Arts is an all-embracing studio seeking to accommodate people of various tastes, talents and age groups.


In our brance new studio, we are excited to offer the following programs:


Music Program

Music is an expression of the soul. It conveys joy and sadness, love and hate, anger and compassion. Join DPH Music and Arts for beginner or advanced private piano class, group piano class, and vocal/singing class.

Dance Program

Every dance is a unique act of personal or collective expression. If you enjoy aesthetic movement and are open to new experiences, come join us in the studio.

After School Program

Our Transported After School Program is the answer to your child's after-school needs. Your child will come to our center to learn various of music and arts activities such as tutored piano practice, dancing, arts/craft, acting/drama, and saxophon/clarinet. 

Other Featured Program

We are adding new program for everyone in he family. You can always find fun program in our center. Come join us.

DPH Featured Product

For detail product information, click the image above to our online store.

Latest News

Question? call us at (240) 418-5038. We speak Engligh and Chinese.

Where to Find our Studio

DPH's Music and Arts


4425 Brookfield Corporate Dr. Suite 700
Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone: (240) 4185038


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